Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back Pack On Wheels

That is what Glenn calls his home on wheels. When I last crossed paths with Glenn, he was living aboard a Chinook (a class B sized van).

To continue stealth camping and not paying dollars** to camp, Glenn has further downsized to a 1988 Vanagon. The full story of his new "wheeled" home is at The Van.

The van is his home, his office, his studio and his transportation.

Reading of Glenn's travels at To Simplify, I found he was in nearby Leadville. I drove up the long hill to Leadville and we chatted for a couple of hours at a coffee shop. We solved world problems. We shared thoughts about big city living. We also talked about our paleo way of eating. He mentioned a grass fed beef ranch north of Durango which I will check out when in the area

I don't recall all the subjects we discussed and chatted about. However, I always appreciate the opportunity to have intelligent conversation which will challenge my thoughts and beliefs. The downside to living alone is that beliefs become truths.

When on the subject of full time living, Glenn told me that I could also live in a Vanagon. Maybe. If I really wanted to. Might be okay for a couple of weeks of exploring. With a Vanagon in my life, I would be living in sticks and bricks. A Vanagon or similar sized vehicle could be transportation as well as a home on the road. Not for full time living.

The subject of a different RV and sticks and bricks has been discussed by Wandrin Lloyd in previous posts. The most recent post was Wandrin Snowbird in April as I departed Tucson after a six month stay.

Visiting with Glenn and seeing the completed Back Pack on Wheels meant it was a great day.

** Glenn has purchased a National Parks Pass for some additional camping opportunities on nationally administered lands.


  1. So, "the downside to living alone is that beliefs become truths." Good one, and so true.

  2. There's lots of free boondocking and grass fed beef up here in northern Idaho. That includes good solar exposure, Verizon service, and plenty of room for a 5th Wheel! Come on up next summer.

  3. Glenn did a great job on his Van. I can see that it would allow him to travel anywhere he wants and stealth camp anywhere, too. For me, though, I think a little more comfort and space are better at this point. I'm glad you got to meet each other and have a great conversation. :)

  4. However, living in a community with other of same minded beliefs has the same effect, right? ;)


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