Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Cloudy Day

Today was another cloudy day with the threat of rain. Never did rain. By late afternoon, the sun burned off some of the clouds leaving a few clouds to reflect the sunlight at sunset.

My stay at South Fork has been cloudy and rainy. No bright sunny days. Yet. With the forecast of more of the same for the next several days, I will leave here before less cloudy sunny days return.

Today would have been a good day to go for a hike, but my concern was for the predicted chance of rain -- 60%. Hiking in rain with air temps in the 50s is not comfortable.

My hiking will wait until the next extended stop at Durango.

May sound like it was a bad day. Nope. It was a great day. I was here to enjoy it.


  1. Looks kind of pretty anyway. Love Durango!

  2. Those clouds....a little hope mixed with a bit of caution. Happy hiking.


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