Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sunset Birding

At the end of most every day during my stay at Boyd Lake SP, I take a sunset walk.

An almost island surrounded by water and almost impenetrable undergrowth is where the pelicans preen and hang out. Wondering where the pelican nests were, the park ranger said these were non-breeding pelicans.

No longer migrating, the Canada geese are year round residents along Colorado's Front Range. Protecting their brood, this pair was ever watching of my location. Too close and they would head into the water.

Found a monument of feathers. Guessing the geese have not evolved to create this.

The great blue heron walks the shallow areas of the lake looking for an evening meal.

Spotting an immature eagle atop the power pole was a rare sighting. Not sure if it is a golden or bald. After referencing a bird book, this amateur birder concludes that it is probably a bald. Only a guess.

Since it was a sunset walk, the last photo is a gallery version of a sunset.

Good night.


  1. Hey, that looks like MY Great Blue Heron!

    I always pick up the big feathers and stick them into tree trunks or wooden posts.

    What a wonderful place to walk - and end with a gorgeous sunset. Heaven, for sure. :)

  2. That junvenille is looking a little rough around the edges at the moment, but soon he/she will be sailing around the sky in full feathered glory.


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