Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ya Gotta Wonder

A classic strip from Calvin and Hobbes (05/13/2013):

That is so true.

Standing in the check out line at the grocery store, this is the view as you wait.

Not too many years ago, that rack also displayed Time, Newsweek, and US News. Not today.

Quoting Calvin, "I know more about the private lives of celebrities than I do about any governmental policy that will actually affect me."

No wandering today. Just wondering.


  1. I was just thinking that the other day. 5 of then had some form of Kardasian on them.

  2. Used to listen to a syndicated radio show out of NYC that would send a person with a mic out on the streets of Manhattan to ask basic questions like, "Who is Vice President, Secretary of State, Mayor, etc..."
    Very scary how few people could answer beyond, "Who is President." But everyone scored well in the "Entertainment" category.
    Box Canyon Mark


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