Sunday, June 23, 2013

Enthusiam -- Revisited

In the post Enthusiasm, I had concluded that although I still had enthusiasm for exploring and learning, I had lost the enthusiasm for the road travel. Upon further reflection, I've concluded that is not entirely true.

The road travel of dragging the trailer up and down mountain roads is no longer enjoyable. The price of three transmissions in the past twelve years hasn't made it any more comfortable. The most recent replacement last summer included a transmission cooler. (Never had one.) Hoping that will allow a longer life for the current transmission.

With a short memory, the transmission issues are background noise in my mind as Silver Slug continues to get me where I am going.

Sometimes that going includes freeways. Freeway driving is pure bore -- with or without the trailer in tow. Secondary roads are much more interesting. However, the Silver Slug and Wandrin Wagon combination doesn't always allow for spontaneous stops for the perfect photo op -- or to get the story. Sometimes there is no place (or a wide enough shoulder) to pull over 40 plus feet of truck and trailer. Driving along in search of such a place, I am willing to walk back. Rare to find such a place when looking for one.

No doubt I could find a campground and then head back for that photo op and story with the Silver Slug. That would be a lot of hassle and money for an hour long detour.

That has been my experience along the easily traveled secondary roads.

I've abandoned hopes for other secondary roads. Planning travel routes and looking at Google Earth reveals narrow two lanes winding through the mountains. I would enjoy the opportunity to drive those roads except for the trailer in the rear view mirror.

So what is the solution. Downsizing to a Super B sized RV would be perfect for that off the beaten path traveling. I explored that option previously in Could I Do That. Yeah. I know there are people (and bloggers) who live full time in those units and smaller.

I am not ready for that kind of living. Even if I were ready, there is the matter of money. After twelve years, Silver Slug and Wandrin Wagon are worth little on the resale market. No matter what RV choice could be made to replace the perfect home on wheels, new or used, it would cost a good portion of my savings.

So why change anything. Accept that my enthusiasm for travel has changed and continue nomadic exploring with Wandrin Wagon in tow wherever I travel -- or park.

There are many who couldn't live in my "hard sided tent". That was what an acquaintance dubbed Wandrin Wagon when I told him that I had no slide; no furnace; no awning and no microwave. There is also no TV.

Another person asked how could I live in that "hard sided tent". Hmmm. My home has a bed, a bathroom, a kitchen -- with a refrigerator. Is there something I am missing. 


  1. That's good that you mentioned your addition of a transmission cooler, because a lot of people don't know about them, including 95% of the people or salesmen selling pickup trucks on Craigslist or (Of course if you want to know about entertainment systems or cupholders, they'll offer as much information as you want.)

    The shame of it is that a heavy duty pickup truck like yours didn't come standard with a transmission cooler. (Ford or the dealer really screwed you on that one.)

    1. Not sure if a transmission cooler was available in 2000 when I bought the truck. Searched the internet for an answer without success. Agreed. Any 3/4 or one ton truck should come standard with a trailer package.

  2. How do we live in our hard sided tents? Extremely well thank you.

  3. Heading out in a 17 foot long unit...scared, worried, sad....heck no! We like it cozy :O) A bed, freig, range, toilet and shower....even solar for the woods! And one BIG HUGE backyard!

  4. No, you aren't missing anything. You're just happy living a simple life, and I think that's a real plus.

    I do like my microwave and TV (when I get channels with my antenna), but don't use my furnace much because I have a catalytic heater (Wave 3) when I need to warm my motor home. I've never used my awning. Living and traveling light. I think we are really lucky we don't need much to be happy and feel sorry for the people still in the rat race. They just don't know how sweet life can be.

    I REALLY missed my computer, though, when my hard drive failed. That's one thing I NEED to be happy. :)

  5. There are many who couldn't live in my "hard sided tent". That was what an acquaintance dubbed Wandrin Wagon when I told him that I had no slide; no furnace; no awning and no microwave. There is also no TV.

    Sounds like the description of my 24' Class C. My studio apartment on wheels!


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