Saturday, June 15, 2013

From The Gallery


Memories from boyhood on the Wisconsin dairy farm
are the smells of freshly cut grasses and alfalfa. 
As the grass and alfalfa dries awaiting barn storage,
those fresh smells fill the air. 
Nothing like it.

Taking some shoots to relive that distinctive fresh smell, 
the next step was scanning and Photoshop enhancement.

Your assumption is correct. I am having fun doing this.


  1. I did quite a lot of pressed flowers in college. Partly because I needed to for a botany class but it was fun. Botanical labs have reams of them stored away.

  2. I thought you had taken up needlepoint, but I guess they are pressed flowers.

    1. Needlepoint would be tough with my shaky hands (Essential Tremor). Just threading a needle to sew on a button is an ordeal.


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