Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Vacation

I know my life is one long vacation, but sometimes I just have to get away. It was time for a vacation from the parking lot of RVs at the Elks Lodge. Heading north on I-25, it was a stressful start to the vacation. Traveling at 60 with trailer in tow, I -- and the semi ahead of me -- was passed by everything (including semis) where the suggested speed limit was 75 MPH.

50 miles later, it was with relief and great pleasure to arrive at Boyd Lake State Park. Campground spaces are large and many with trees.

Compared to the Elks, it is quiet. No nearby railway grade crossings. No apartment complex within miles. No high school practice fields next door.

The great part is that I can be in a natural world without driving to find a place to walk. Just step out of Wandrin Wagon and start walking.

The bike path is about a 100 yards away. Walking along the path, there are lots of birds going about their lives. Noted some kingbirds collecting nesting materials. The robin was gathering food for its nestlings. The meadowlark was perched on a post and warbling its distinctive tune.

The lakes along the bike path are a great place for the great blue heron to stand in the shallows hunting for a meal.

Or just standing on a tree branch.

A few years ago before the inner ear problem affected my balance, I had biked that paved trail from the campground to downtown Loveland. That distance could be walked. However, I do not enjoy walking on concrete. Especially for that distance.

Rather than just a vacation, Boyd Lake SP would be a great place to spend a couple of months. Suppose I could always get one of those positions as campground host. Hmmm. It's a thought.

While I think about that possibility, I will enjoy this two week vacation.


  1. nothing like a little mini vacation is there...

  2. My sister lives up that a way. She prefers to take the numerous grid roads between Denver and there rather than I25 which is an undersized freeway for the traffic it has now. More scenic and a lot less stressful. Loveland has a lot of lakes.

    1. Taking back roads from Denver to Loveland is for those days when I am not pulling the trailer. Done the back roads many times for the photo ops.

  3. We have camphosted for Cherry Creek State Park, in the metro-Denver area for 4 years now & it is a great gig! Not because it's near Denver-crazy-drivers-and-traffic, but because it is a beautiful park close to the grandchildren. It has been FUN, and has added some structure to our nomadic life (but only in the summer!)

  4. Nice shot of the bird in the water. Very pretty.

  5. Wow, I can't believe that you're actually admitting that "camping" in metropolitan areas is mostly about tolerating 7/24/365 noise pollution! I like the new "candid wandrin one."


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