Sunday, June 9, 2013

Staying Cool

Reading the blogs I follow, there are many comments about the weather where RVing bloggers are parked. The most common weather -- depending on geographic location -- reports are about winds, heat, tornadoes, rain or flooding. One recently read post mentioned snow and cold. No cold or snow in Denver. It's warming heating up. Predictions for the week ahead are for several over 90 degree days.

Not complaining. This Denver stay was my choice for doctor, dentist, family and friends. If the hot weather is still an issue at the end of July, I will be heading to higher elevations -- and cooler temps -- in Colorado's mountains.

It's all about adapting. Get out in the morning for hikes before it heats up. Then head off for indoor exploring when it's hot outside. Or just go to an air conditioned Starbucks and do some reading.

Or I could just sprawl on a cool lawn under a shade tree.

The positive is that it cools down at night. Yup. That is a good thing.

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