Sunday, June 3, 2012

Want Versus Need

Discriminating shopper that I am, I gave into "want". Added another item to my collection of Apple products.

A previous iPhone review was posted in December as Smart Phone Shopping.

That was then. Never stopped looking. If I was near a Verizon store, I had to touch one and tell myself how it would make my life better. In those previous visits to Verizon stores, I walked out remembering that I didn't need the iPhone.

Two weeks ago I made the fateful decision to visit a Verizon store once again. The iPhone was purchased.

The iPhone's immediate internet access along with the iPhone apps have proved its worth over these past two weeks; finding Ford dealerships, finding an RV park in Rock Springs, locating the US Bank in Rock Springs, etc. As I become more familiar with the iPhone, no doubt it will become indispensable. It already is approaching that status. Perhaps one day I will even take a photo with the iPhone.

Sometimes it might be good to give into "want". After all this is the first day of the rest of my life.


  1. I don't know how I lived without my Android smartphone. It has nearly replaced my computer. Web, music, mail, navigation, camera, and it also makes phone calls! (almost a secondary function) I can even post comments to your blog! The best accessory I bought for my phone was a bluetooth stereo headset; it makes listening to music fantastic. If you download the NPR app (National Public Radio), you can listen to their broadcasts on your schedule, not theirs, anywhere. Can you detect my enthusiasm for smartphones?

  2. Welcome to a new world! You won't regret it. It is not only a cool toy but also a helpful tool. Enjoy!

  3. Couldn't you do find those stores on your tablet? The iPhone seems redundant.

  4. Boonie, The iPad with WiFi always requires the MiFi card with 3G access. That is lots of bulky hardware. The iPhone is always on my hip and can accomplish the tasks much more quickly with a whole less fuss. Bottom line: I wanted the iPhone. :-)

  5. One app you may really enjoy is the Colorado Public Radio app: beautiful classical music in digital stereo.

  6. I love my iphone and all the apps...which ones are your favorite?I am still debating on getting a ipad ;(
    sorry for your transmission problems..we head to flaming gorge after the 4th....Jil

  7. "Sometimes it might be good to give into "want". After all this is the first day of the rest of my life."

    True enough, Lloyd. True enough and wise words. Enjoy your iphone, it is a good investment, and in it's portability, superior to the ipad IMO. I hope you post the pic when you decide to take it.

  8. Always happy to read about purchases of overpriced Apple products.