Thursday, June 28, 2012

Custer Wild Life Tour

The Norbeck Visitor Center at Custer State park is one of the most impressive architectural design for a building of rock. Construction was done in the 1930s by the CCC. Within the park, there are several other stone built constructions. This is the most impressive.

Then it was off to do the wild life tour of Custer State Park. This is not a petting zoo, but that doesn't stop most of the travelers from making pests of the burros. I was not one of them.

The rest of the wild life stays wild. These pronghorn males were head butting. Just for the entertainment of the tourists.

Bison/buffalo are the most common wild life.

Wild life also includes birds. More difficult to get photos, but managed to get two to sit long enough for a photo op. A mountain blue bird and a barn swallow.

Great to get out to see the natural world.


  1. Looks like most of that was from the Wildlife Loop. And yeah, it seemed everyone (except me) stopped to pet the burros and take each other's photos with them.

  2. The rangers at Wind Cave say that the Custer bison are mixed a bit with cow but that theirs are not and is one of the very few herds that are pure bison. There's a tall fence between the parks to keep the herds from mixing. When I was there last summer, the only bison I saw at Wind Cave was on the dirt east road thru the park. I found the verge between the Rockies and the plains interesting in the flora and fauna.

  3. Just found you's wonderful! In the planning stages so glad to have another to add to my list for inspiration! You have absolutely stunning pics...can wait to catch up reading all about your journey! ~cozygirl


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