Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nature Is In Control

Once again, Nature is in control. Not just here in the Black Hills, but in many places across the country. In addition to wild fires in many places in the western states, some eastern states experienced deadly thunderstorms.

In the Black Hills, many days the temperatures have been in the mid 90s. Several wild fires burn nearby in the Black Hills. Smoky air bothers my eyes and sinuses.

With the heat and smoke, my hiking and exploring has been limited. To get some (the operative word) exercise, I've been walking around the RV park -- Hart Ranch. This is an RV resort with large pool, restaurant, activities, etc. Bring the family -- or grand kids -- for the weekend or the July Fourth holiday. Right now the place is packed for the holiday. I'm here for the price -- not the amenities. It is a base for exploring the area.

Compared to other options in the Black Hills, it is an inexpensive place to stay with my Thousand Trails/RPI membership. Yeah I know there are even less expensive places to park in the Black Hills. However, with the 90 degree temps, A/C has become a priority.

The unfortunate part about the Hart Ranch location is the driving distance to hiking trails and other exploring options. I've essentially traded exploring and hiking convenience for inexpensive full hook-up RV parking. Amazing what I can justify. Inexpensive RV campground so I can buy diesel fuel.

The walks around the RV park are providing interesting observations. Camping runs the gamut from tents to Class A coaches. Some of the larger condos on wheels bring all their stuff along with them -- the boat, the motorcycle, the 4x4 ATV -- along with a full set of patio furniture. The RV life style -- and the stuff brought along -- is only limited by money. Included in the observations are the people -- and their yippy little dust bunny sized dogs. Enough said!

Back to the theme. Nature is in control. So I've made concessions to living within the restrictions. Hang around home some days, read, spend time on the computer or walk the neighborhood. Life is great. I've got choices.

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  1. HAPPY 4th to you too.....Going to throw a couple of steaks on the grill and tonite watch the Boston Pops on TV....Beautiful country that your in. I just loved it....Camped in Sturgis and used that as base....Take care and hope it cools off so you can do some hiking.......


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