Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Cities and Conversation

Driving through small towns for several weeks and arriving on the Front Range of Colorado on I-25, the heavy traffic was first indication that I was back to an urban world.

Although the traffic, long waits at traffic signals and the number of people is a bit disconcerting, I am happy to be here. After months of small towns with little to explore and a lack of grocers to meet my expensive food tastes, there are lots of choices here on the Front Range. Lots of choices.

Then there were the months of no real conversations. There were the usual short term conversations scattered along my travel path, but no real conversations. I obviously missed that opportunity to chat. That is a problem of living alone. With an ear, I do have a tendency to ramble on from one subject to another.

I made up for that little conversation over these past months when I met Rich for coffee/tea on Monday morning at his regular coffee hang out -- Loveland Coffee. Several of his neighbors were there also enjoying their morning coffee. After his neighbors left, Rich and I continued talking. Then we talked right through lunch at a Loveland micro brewery. Maybe it was me that did all the talking. Could have been. Later that day and back home, I noted my throat was sore from all the talk.

Parked for a couple of weeks at Boyd Lake State Park. A pleasant place to park with large spaces and close to the big city experience. Fortunately, the temperatures have moderated to the low nineties. This is great after weeks of daily temps of over 100 degrees during my recent travels. I won't even complain about the smokey fires from my campground neighbors.

The return to the big city has confirmed how much I missed the big city and a community for conversation.


  1. I'm the same way when I've been alone for a while - the first person I meet, I talk their ear off. I know I'm doing it, but just can't help myself.

    I love traveling solo, but occasionally we need some company, some good stores, and some restaurant food. Have fun! :)

  2. Uh oh... falling back in love with the Big City. Are you scanning the Classifieds for apartments too? Does this mean seasonal retirement for the Fiver? Please, say it isn't so!
    I guess I'm not really surprised that "conversation" and meaningful connections (and food choices) can outweigh traffic and crowds and the constant drone of Urban-ness. Most Full Timers run out of "gas" sooner or later, but you do have little used "connections" and conversations on the road if you'd just use them more (hint hint). :))
    Mark and Bobbie... (and right now, Boonie too!!)

  3. Me and... Yup. My usual destination is a coffee shop to confirm that I really am not a hermit. I still love traveling solo -- even in the big city.

    Mark, It's great to be here and I will enjoy my stay. However, by the end of September I will be heading south. It has been known to snow here. Warmer in the Tucson area. Plans are to be in your neighborhood in 2013.

  4. We now know what you mean about those pesky campfires. I guess if someone can only get out once or twice a year they feel they have to build a fire, even if it's 95 degrees outside. We definitely look forward to Sundays and finding remote boondocking sites. We're heading into Canada next. We'll see you in the Southwest next spring!

  5. LOL, sounds like your friend Rich was needing some conversation as well. It takes two to tango you know.

  6. John V, Late Sunday afternoon the population of the park drops by 75%. Not so bad then.

    Don, True. Rich can keep up the conversation quite well.


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