Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Known more commonly as Wyoming, the state qualifies for renaming. Since my arrival a week ago, the wind starts early morning and continues all day until sundown. Yesterday was worse than the usual expected winds. Blowing about 30 MPH constantly with gusts at 50 MPH, it wasn't a day for exploring. Staying at home and doing tasks including laundry filled the day light hours. Took till nine last evening before the winds died down.

My home was rocking for the entire day. Considered Dramamine. At times, I was wondering what my escape plan would be if Wandrin Wagon was blown on its side. There is a scary thought. Considering the direction of the wind, which window would I have to use as an exit since the door would be on the down side.

With that on my mind, I wondered what my home and contents coverage was in the event of such an event. Called GEICO insurance to get the answers. With depreciated value of Wandrin Wagon and contents, I made the swift calculation that I would have enough money to replace the loss with a pop up tent trailer. :-)

Time to get out of this windy place. Silver Slug is out of the hospital after the transmission transplant. One more day of exploring with the new transmission before heading north to the Tetons and Jackson Wyoming. And away from the wind.


  1. Funny, Funny Post! What a great Sign!

  2. Twice I've been in such gusty winds that I moved my motor home around into the wind, and it helped a lot. Of course, if your truck was in the shop, that's not going to help much, is it? You needed those horses from yesterday's post!

    Glad you made it through. I've never heard of the wind blowing any rigs over, have you? Scarey thought for sure.

  3. I know those Wyoming winds well. Blew my little pick-up clean off the road once along I-80. That was a sad day.

  4. I have to say this was a scary post. The idea of being blown over and trapped inside is something I have never thought of. And aside from that, the constant wind would just get on my nerves. I am glad all is well and that you are considering changing your location. I wonder what causes such continual wind?

  5. Although I have never been in Wyoming to experience their wind I have been in New Mexico when they had 50-75 mph winds. You start thinking of all kinds of scary thoughts just as you mentioned. Glad your getting out of the wind.

  6. Did you get the upgraded transmission cooler you mentioned in an earlier post?


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