Friday, June 8, 2012

On The Road To Jackson

After getting the truck back after the transmission transplant, I stayed another day in Rock Springs just as a precaution. Truck works fine. It seems to shift smoother than the old transmission. With this new transmission I took the suggestion of a mechanic met in Vernal to install a larger transmission cooler. Hopefully, this will extend the life of the transmission beyond the two previous transmissions of about 50K miles each. The truck diesel engine (245K) is doing fine. Should take me to the end of my traveling days. Not so sure about the transmission.

Hitched up in Rock Springs this morning and headed north. There were several options for a one night stop on the way to Jackson. After passing on the first couple possible stops, I ended up at Warren Springs BLM campground 145 miles into the day's journey. Five dollar price is right for this senior. Right on the Green River still carrying spring runoff, it might be better fishing some other time of the year. That didn't deter the great blue heron on the bank that I scared off when I approached the river.

Great views to the west. Unfortunately, the sunset was a bust, so this photo is from earlier today.

Tomorrow, I will complete the journey to Jackson.


  1. I've replaced the tranny in my f350, too. Not a pleasant situation. It is nice to have your rig back, though.

  2. About your wind problems of last episode: Does Wyoming have the diurnal wind patterns that the Southwest does? If so, you can escape them by leaving earlier and finishing early in the day.

    If fact, I wonder if 90% of the "wind + RV" horror stories occurred at 2 in the afternoon, but the story teller didn't think that was worth mentioning.


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