Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stop Acid Production

With decades of acid reflux and heart burn, there were times when I started to take Prilosec (or another acid blocker) after a doctor recommendation. Twice was after a visit to the hospital emergency room with what I thought was a heart attack. No. It was just a serious case of heart burn.

The doctors know best. Or do they. So I started taking the acid blocker medication. Fortunately, the medication gave me more pain than the heart burn it is was supposed to mask. So I stopped taking the drug.

The nagging question from this skeptic remained. If we cut back on the acids, wouldn't that be a bad thing for the well tuned body.

The doctors didn't seem concerned why the body was producing the acid. Proscribe a drug to eliminate the pain issue. Next.

So why was I having heart burn and acid reflux. Over two years ago it was an accidental discovery when I eliminated ALL grains and grain products (i.e. breads, pasta, cinnamon rolls, etc.) from my diet. In addition, elimination of tomatoes and some other members of the nightshade family has resulted in very infrequent episodes of heart burn or acid reflux.

So why am I relating this. I frequently browse the internet for articles about healthy living and eating. Occasionally, I find corroboration -- or questions -- of my way of living, eating or taking medications.

The article As The Stomach Churns confirmed my suspicions about acid blockers. The article describes that the acids are required to extract nutrients from the food we eat.

Don't stop the body's acid production. It is needed for body health.

Combating Acid Reflux May Bring Host of Ills is another article about the down sides of the frequently prescribed acid blockers.


  1. I absolutely agree. Those acids are needed. I guess it's just too hard for the doctors to find what's really wrong.

  2. Thanks for the article link. In recent years my heartburn had increased. I thought it might be from stress of the job but I also noticed it was from different foods I ate, pasta being a favorite. Since retiring in April, I have changed my diet drastically and one of those changes is no bread of any kind. With the diet changes I have noticed a total decrease of heartburn, except the times I breakdown and have pasta. That is my next thing to eliminate.

    1. Once I discovered the daily GERD and heart burn were caused by grains and grain products, it was an easy decision not to have those foods in my diet. Pain and discomfort was a great incentive to stop. And I feel much better.


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