Sunday, May 18, 2014

Collared Lizard

Rather than my usual solo hike, Paul joined me for a short hike in Saguaro East.

Paul and I had met on the road when we were full time RVers. Coincidentally, when he decided to stop being a nomad in January 2014, he settled right next door in Far Horizons East. Our hike was catching up on life and living.

At one point Paul was leading the way on the trail and he spotted this collared lizard with the fresh colors of a recent molting.

As we hiked, we noted bouquets of blossoms atop many of the saguaros. However, I didn't take any more photos to add to the ever growing photo archive of saguaros.


  1. Weird coincidence. Ron and I are at McPhee reservoir outside of Cortez, Colorado and just saw a lizard that looks like this one except it's fatter.

    1. This one was smaller than some I had previously seen -- and photographed.


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