Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Books And Ebooks

Without a permanent home for 13 years, my reading included print books and ebooks. Used book stores provided the print books which I could then sell back after they were read. Some of the ebooks were purchased. Over the past three years I have been a patron at the Pima County Library where I have been downloading from their catalog of ebooks.

I don't know how the library decides which books to purchase as ebooks. However, I do know that the selection is definitely smaller than print books. Since most of my reading is non-fiction, that may contribute to the limited number of titles of ebooks available to me.

There are a few writers of fiction that I read. Since those authors don't create a new book every year, there isn't a whole lot of fiction that I read.

Searching the library catalog for another ebook to read had become a habit. It was only in the past two weeks, that it dawned on me (first sign of senility?) that the library also lends real books.

With a settled existence in Tucson and a nearby branch of the Pima County Library, a whole new world has opened up. I have a rather lengthy list of "books to be read". They were placed on the list awaiting an ebook that I could download. When I went to the library's catalog and searched for the first book on that list, it was there awaiting for a reserve. About a week later I received an email that the book was at the local branch.

Wow. This is a wonderful world. A nearby library is a definite advantage to this settled existence. 

Photo is of the Carnegie Library building in San Luis Obispo. Built in 1905, today the building is the San Luis Obispo Historical Museum.

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  1. When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of my meager earnings on books. Back then, I read about a book a day. My father used to tell me, "You know, they're free at the library." I do have a library account now and I use it a lot when I'm in the town where I got it. Otherwise, I use my Kindle and read free books. I know they have ebooks at the library now and I need to check that out one of these days. So much to read, so little time...


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