Saturday, May 10, 2014


One of my pass times is solving crossword puzzles. Some days no puzzles are done. Other days I may do more than one. I am no whiz. And I do them in pencil. I'm good for Thursday (New York Times ranking) puzzles. Some times I can get through most of the Friday puzzle. I'm pleased when I can solve -- without looking at answers -- over 50% of a Saturday version.

Although crosswords are my favorite, occasionally I will do other word games such as Jumble or Scrabble.

Then there is Anagrams. About 20 years ago, I wrote several word programs in Visual Basic. One of those was an anagram program that found the words contained in a string of characters. Since I have no desire to create that code on the Mac, I searched the internet for the solution. The Wordsmith website did the job for me.

To test the program, I used my first and last name "lloydtreichel". The list of phrases was extensive and most of the combination of words were nonsensical.

Three phrases survived the cut. If I was a one time monk, "tried holy cell" would have been an apt anagram. With talent for singing standards from the 40s and 50s, the songs could be described as "cheery old lilt". If my profession was a florist, "hold lily erect" would be an apt anagram. Yes. I am aware that it could be a double entendre.

The Anagram Hall of Fame on the same site provides interesting reading. One near the top of the list is dormitory which contains the anagram "dirty room".

Wishing you fun finding a descriptive phrase from your name at Wordsmith.

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