Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Springing Forward

About ten days ago during the Book Festival, the temperature barely got over 50 degrees. Less than a week later it was over 90 degrees. This body wasn't used to that. Two days later temps were back into the 80s comfort zone.

Although I don't write about daily living, I've managed to keep myself busy. Doing laundry or grocery shopping is not something worth writing about. One major laundry event was that the six silk Hawaiian shirts in the collection were laundered. Six shirts in one load. Cheaper than dry cleaning. Results: They are wearable.

With only a single scheduled item every day, it appears I am busier than I really am. Exploring around Tucson, friend visits, errands for living or hiking has managed to be that single scheduled item for many days.

The greens and browns of the desert are beginning to take on accents with the orange of the poppy or the feathery pinks of the fairy duster.

How about a photo of a yucca:

... or cactus:

... or the iconic Sonora desert Saguaro 
as prim and proper:

... or wild and crazy

Desert scene includes a Saguaro death.

Rick strikes a pose by this saguaro 
to prove that six foot two is not very tall.

Rick also joined me for a 
hike to black sheep cave

Temperatures in the 80s and wild flowers beginning to bloom. Life is great as we spring forward to the Vernal Equinox.


  1. Years ago you committed tropical shirt fraud with shirts made out of cotton. Today you talk of SILK tropical shirts. What happened to rayon, the fabric of a civilized man?

    No wonder George Bernard Shaw said that 'America is the first country to go from Barbarism to Decadence without ever having passed through Civilization.'

    1. The silk shirts were gifts and they are worn rarely. They are not in the 30 day rotation.

      Rayon was the original Hawaiian shirt back in the 1930s. As far as fabric is concerned, it is just as breathable as cotton. However, I just don't like the feel of rayon. Never have. Cotton is my preference. I will wear my decadence proudly. :-)

  2. Love the sheep! I'm not much of a rayon fan either, and sometimes it seems to "shrink" even if the tag declares it machine wash/tumble dry.


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