Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sotol and Comet

There were several sotol yucca plants spotted on the hike today. Always wonder how plants get names. This plant is so tall when it blooms. Perhaps that is the reason for the name. ;-)

Agave plants bloom once and then the plant dies. The sotol yucca doesn't bloom every year but several times during its life.

This was my best sotol shot of the day with the blue desert sky background.

That spike makes a good hiking stick. This one might be a bit too large for a good hand grip -- unless you are a twenty foot giant. If you're going to make one, look for a sotol yucca with a smaller circumference.

The comet Pan-STARRS... With the aid of this graphic, Rick's help and a pair of binoculars, I saw the comet in the western sky.


  1. Lloyd, I am glad you had much better luck than me last night with viewing the comet. I am trying again tonight.

  2. They make a nice booze (like mescal from the sotol as well...

    1. Mezcal is distilled from agave plants, and tequila coming from only the blue agave. Whereas sotol, not mezcal, is distilled from the sotol plant.

  3. I barely saw it Wednesday night....hopefully again early next week...


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