Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tucson Botanical Gardens

The tropical butterfly exhibit is the draw for me to visit the gardens. A greenhouse with tropical plants makes a perfect home for tropical butterflies. This hibiscus flower was about eight inches across. For the right room decor, this would make a great wall hanging.

Hey. Didn't come here to look at flowers. How about some photos of butterflies, Wandrin Lloyd.

Butterflies seem to be on the move. I did manage to get many blurred photos of butterflies. In my recent concerted effort to keep the collection of digital photos in check, I deleted those poor photos. :-)

A most attractive butterfly is from Mexico to Columbia -- the Blue Morpho. When not flying and its wings are parked, the beautiful blue color is not visible. The underside of the wings are brown shades with large shapes resembling eyes. I did manage to get several blurred versions as it flitted through the air space. As soon as it lands, it folds the wings upright. This one seemed to be having a hard time getting a footing and get balance. That struggle allowed me a photo to actually see that blue.

Not sure how many different butterflies were in the exhibit, but here are some photos that I was able to capture when they aren't flying around the green house. 

Since this is a desert botanical garden, the flora presented outside the tropical greenhouse are examples of cactus and succulents from around the world. This is a garden of some cactus plants representing just one of the world's desert flora. 

Just photos today. Wasn't close enough to the cactus to get hooked or stabbed. I will leave that challenge to another day when hiking (once again) in Arizona's Sonoran desert.

Today was no different. Every day is a great day. 


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