Monday, December 10, 2012

Popular Posts Gadget

Made some changes here. The last weeks popular posts gadget in the side bar has been showing Palm Springs Air Museum in the top ten since its posting in late 2010. To remove its skewing of the statistics, I've moved the post to its very own page. With that move it will no longer appear in the top ten popular blog posts.

Why this great interest in World War II nose art. Never ends. Every week there are hits. When I look at the search criteria that has led people to the site, wonder sometimes whether this is a result of the "auto complete" feature of search engines. Type in "WWII art" and the auto complete suggests "WWII nose art". Considering a tattoo for your nose, type in "nose art" and "wwii nose art" is the auto complete. These are just thoughts.

Perhaps there are people who are doing research on World War II airplane nose art. Seems strange that it would be every week for two years. How many people are doing this.

The Blogger stats page just creates more questions. What really is a page view. Do "web crawlers" cause a tick to be recorded when they scan a page. Or can the Blogger statistics counter know the difference between a search engine or a "web crawler".

When the audience of my site is in Russia, India, China, etc, why did they end up at my blog. Have to wonder whether some of those hits are responsible for the "spam ads" that appear as blog comments. (Don't get those anymore since elimination of anonymous comments.)

Always questions. That's what you get from a two/three year old. Appears I've not matured a whole lot.

Moved the Palm Springs Air Museum blog post to its own page. No longer is a popular post. Actually did something. It's a good day.


  1. We visited the museum in 2010 too and loved it. It's a great place to spend a few hours.

  2. My most popular post is of a fairly boring description of 2 nearby Wisconsin state trails that I put up out of desperation for something to write about. I've often wondered what search combination is bringing people there and what they think when they get there!


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