Sunday, December 2, 2012

Seven Falls Hike

The hike was nine to ten mile hike -- depending on the GPS you want to believe. Considering the eleven hours I slept last evening, I'm going with the ten mile hike.

The trail with Tucson mountains and Tucson visible in the notch.

A saguaro silhouette on the ridge 300 feet above.

Water was a trickle at this time of year -- let alone water falls. 

Arriving at Seven Falls, there were just a few people ahead of us. That changed rapidly with our arrival. We were soon followed by many others arriving within minutes.

Before the crowds showed up on this weekend hike, I was able to get this photo. In the center of the photo are a half dozen guys (probably UofA students) who were enjoying the -- no doubt -- cold water pool at their feet. 

With problematic balance issues, I opted out on the scramble up the rock face. 

The technology of the Canon SX230 was able to make some of my hiking partners seem much closer than they actually were. 

All that exercise was great -- and makes for a very comfortable night of sleep. Life is great!


  1. looks like a great hike. Its looking especially good to us since we are spending this Winter in Northern California in the RAIN!

  2. seems like i remember you can make a very long loop of that hike, back to sabino canyon. could be wrong. anyway, who wants to go more than ten miles :))
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. Geez, that hike really got a lot longer since I did it in 2008, but I guess you didn't take the shuttle to the trailhead.

  4. Brights, No rain here. Without rain it might be a poor showing for spring wild flowers,
    Mark, There is a longer hike along Bear Canyon Trail that does look around to Sabino. The guide I read said that was a 16 mile hike. Ten miles was enough up to the falls and back.
    Barb and Ron, No. We didn't take the tram That would have reduced the total by four miles.

  5. Hey Lloyd,

    I'm following your posts regularly. I enjoy them a lot!

    We just started another chapter of Herbie's World Tour, by exploring Africa - we've just begun ;)

    Best regards from Morocco,



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