Saturday, December 29, 2012


For several days, normal dress code for Wandrin Lloyd has been long pants. And a head covering for that shaved head. Still wearing the Hawaiian shirt.

No rain or snow in Tucson. Just cold. At least for me. The sun struggles to warm the earth to a temp of 60 degrees. Some days it never did get that warm. Once at that toasty 60 degrees about mid day, the temps immediately start dropping to the cooler -- make that colder -- temperatures.

Living in an RV with water supply coming through a hose means that there will be the occasional morning freeze up. Happened a couple of times. More freeze ups are expected before winter is over. Some in the next week. Fortunately, I have water in the fresh water tank to use until the hose thaws as the sun climbs higher in the sky.

To stay warm inside Wandrin Wagon means using propane to keep warm. Indoors, my usual choice is to go bare foot. That doesn't work now with these cold temps. So I wear heavy socks to -- somewhat -- insulate against the colder floor level temperatures.

Heating with a propane blue flame heater, there is condensation buildup on the metal frames around windows and doors. Just another issue with cold weather in Wandrin Wagon. With few windows designed in the custom built Wandrin Wagon, I've done what I could to reduce the propane usage to stay warm.

A fifth wheel has the additional disadvantage where the floor at the rear of the trailer is almost three feet lower than the front. That makes it colder back there when comfortable in my bedroom desk area.

It's all about adapting. Wear more clothes (see photo). Spend time in bed reading or at the computer and the internet.

Staying warm causes me to think of a settled existence where comfortable temps can be maintained and I could walk around barefoot indoors. But that is another story.

Weather forecasts do not promise warmer weather for several days. Looks like I will be wearing long pants and head covering for the foreseeable future.

Maybe not a great day, but adapting to a very good day.


  1. Is this typical Dec/Jan temps for where you are? Or is this winter colder than normal? It would take a lot I think to get you settled in one spot...but it seems as though you're thinking of that more frequently. Whatever works.

  2. I know of a studio apartment with in floor heat for your tootsies. :0
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. Looking at the truck with its fresh white covering makes us jealious of your predictament. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Dawn, This is normal. Some cold days followed by some warm days. In a week, the temps are predicted to be in the low 70s.

    Mark, That certainly is an interesting offer. Perhaps for nine months of the year. I'll head south for Dec, Jan and Feb.

    Rick and Kathy, No complaints about my Tucson stay with a few days of cold weather. There will be more this winter. With a lot of 60 and 70 degree days in between, it is quite tolerable. Sorry about the snow on the truck. :-))

  5. In a rental cabin in Asheville this morning...chilly toes on the hardwood floors even through the Smartwool socks so I had to put my shoes on. Adapting well makes for a happier life overall, in my opinion! Happy New Year!

  6. Perfect! I'll prepare a lease agreement :))

  7. Well, well, well. How have the Mighty fallen: wearing long pants. But say, that's not the greatest headgear. Consider a stocking hat/skull cap.

    Have you looked for polartec in tropical pattens? (grin)

  8. Mark, I'll wait for your arrival so we can hammer out the details of the lease. :-))

    Boonie, Trying to present a GQ image, I decided not to wear my stocking hat.


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