Monday, December 31, 2012

Bowen Stone House

For the last hike of 2012, the destination was the 1930s Stone House on the Yetman Trail. 

I had been here before, but always enjoy a visit to see buildings constructed of natural stone. It is artistry by the mason who created this home. Selecting the appropriate sized rock and perhaps hewing where required, the 18 inch walls take shape.

After hiking to this point it was time to refuel the body with a snack and admire the Tucson Mountains that the Bowens enjoyed from their home nestled in their desert garden of saguaro, cholla, palo verde and other hardy desert plants. 

Detail look at the stones placed close to each other with little mortar in between. Imagine the mason looking over a pile of rocks to select the one that would fit the wall. That is truly an artist's skill.

Check out the size of the rocks in the wall. Lifting those rocks into place also requires some muscle.

Another view of the structure including the chimney built into the wall. No doubt construction included a scaffold to build the wall. How else to get those large rocks up there. 

It was another cool day in the desert. The temps were in the fifties requiring two layers to stay warm while hiking. 

It was a great day. 

Happy New Year


  1. Thanks for the tour. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year Lloyd! Love the stone house...I always wonder about the people, what brought them there, what took them away...

  3. And a Happy New Year to you....


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