Thursday, December 13, 2012

Color In The Desert

Brown Mountain was the destination for the Merrell Footwear Hiking Club. Could easily be called that.  With Linda the sole lady on the hike, it was only understandable that she noted the shoes of the hikers. We all wore Merrell hiking shoes -- including me. But I was taking the photo so my shoes do not appear.

Total round trip of the hike was five miles. The trail is along the ridge with the peak of Brown Mountain as the high point. Great views in all directions.

The loop trail returns to the trail head between the ridge and nearby Kinney Road. This part of the trail is through a forest of saguaros and other desert flora. Along the way we noted several still green and fading to brown saguaros that had toppled within the last year.

The variety of shapes of the saguaro range from a straight pole with no arms to those with many arms. Then there are some that can only be described as whimsical. With the arms of this one so close to the ground, this might be the place to get some close ups of saguaro blossoms in early May. No need for a stepladder to get the photo.

On the flat area near the trail head is a garden of cholla, creosote, prickly pear and other desert flora.

With all the walking and breathing the clear desert air, soon the afternoon was gone and we were planning the next hike at the social hour.

Ever since their arrival in Tucson, Steve and Ann-Marie have been emptying and disposing of the contents of Ann-Marie's parents' house. Soon I was the recipient of some of that disposition.

How about this for a bright shirt. Takes a pretty brave guy to wear something that bright. Especially with the pink colors. Am I that brave. Some days.

With the over 30 shirts in my closet and worn in sequence, sometimes some of the shirts are selected or rearranged for special occasions. Some days I may not be brave enough to wear that shirt. It may get passed up.

Good day hiking with the Merrell Footwear Hiking Club and got a new Hawaiian shirt for my collection without going to a thrift store. Life is great!


  1. Don't worry about the color pink. I don't know why American men confuse that color with estrogen. Call it "rosa", instead.

    In the annual Giro d'Italia bicycle race, the current leader of the day always wears a ROSA jersey.

  2. you look great in that shirt the shoes too...

  3. Boonie, From here on, it is not pink. It is rose -- like in rose wine.

    Jil, Yes. That shirt does outshine Wandrin Lloyd. :-)

  4. I recently purchased a pair of Merrell hikers myself after trying on quite a few other brands and I got to say I love 'em!


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