Sunday, December 9, 2012

Could I Do That

Could I live in a B van RV with about 90 square feet of living space 365 days a year. Sure. If I wanted to. Interesting dilemma. However, after living in 200 square feet for close to twelve years I wonder if this old guy could really deal with that kind of downsizing.

These thoughts have been swirling around for a couple of months.

Actually, it has been going on for a couple of years. I recognized the malaise and need for a change over two years ago when I posted I Get Bored. Fast forward to 2012 when I spent lots of money to keep the Silver Slug on the road. Another couple of thousand was put into the Wandrin Wagon. It was at that point that I started to think about Change Or Continue On.

As I mulled those thoughts, I resolved -- at least for a day or two -- that I had come up with An Option To Full Time RVing. Just a few days later I posted that I was Not Ready To Settle.

Guess you have figured out that these brain exercises have not gone away. The thoughts about various options continue to be considered. Those nagging considerations caused me to stop at an RV dealer where there were some B van RVs. Yes. They are compact living. Not really anything missing for basic living. They have the essentials; the kitchen, the bed, the bathroom. My ancestors of 100 years ago would have been happy with such luxuries -- including the on board generator. These units are built for the 21st century consumer which includes the TV and microwave. Well. They are removable. My option.

The B van is my solution to having transportation while living in sticks and bricks, and still be able to travel for short periods without having to live in motels and dining out far too often. As my only transportation, It would be no more difficult to park than my current experiences with the SIlver Slug. Walking is good from that distant parking space.

Confession time. The thought of stopping full time travel is getting more space within my brain. Finding the "ideal" sticks and bricks location might be an even more difficult decision. Renting only will leave the options open just in case the ideal wasn't what my brain imagined.

Ah. The dilemma. Could I do that. Could I live in sticks and bricks with an occasional road trip or month(s) long journey in a B van. More imagining.

Doubt that this is the end of imagining a future for Wandrin Lloyd. However, I will spare my readers any more thoughts on the subject until something actually happens.


  1. No, don't spare us. I'm sure many full-timers are thinking the same thing, or will be. I expect I will rent when I have another sticks and bricks. I want the option to move whenever I want without selling/buying again.

    Actually you brought up something I hadn't thought about - renting a place and having a Class B as my vehicle. It could be the only vehicle, and also be my get-away rig. They are pretty darn expensive, though. That would be the only fly in the ointment. Interesting to think about, though. :)

  2. I don't think you should spare us either. It helps to write out thoughts. I'd been considering a class B just for the ease of driving it but I know it's too small for full time RVing. Still...renting and doing the class B thing would probably work.

  3. Say, maybe you should buy Morrisette's Chinook?

  4. Me and.., Dawn, Jaimie, I doubt that I have resolved anything. Next week I will have added another variation on the options available. Okay. I will continue to share thoughts in between other stuff.

    Boonie, Already have put my name on the list for Glenn's Chinook when hits the road with his Vanagon.

  5. I'm on the other end of that equation - have a house and a class B van. I'm working on getting rid of the house and traveling in my B has opened my eyes to the feasibility of living in it full time, even with a 70# dog and 2 cats. It is much easier than a truck and trailer to park. I am limited to taking up 1 short slot + 2' and can parallel park in most places at 22' so it isn't as nimble as a car but I don't necessarily have to park in the far reaches of a lot. No parking garages due to height. Otherwise it can go practically anywhere and it could be my only vehicle, altho at present it is not.

    In such a small space, I am outdoors more and so is the dog. So far, it hasn't been much of a problem. I have really rethought about just how much stuff I need to be happy, healthy, and comfortable and it really isn't much. The trick is getting it exactly so every square inch is set up for me and not necessarily the mythical average user. Requires examining my habits and how it is set up but now that it is mostly done, it is really comfortable.

  6. We've had a Pleasureway for the past five years or so as we lived in a small condo and prepared for fulltiming. I LOVED it. We drove it cross-country and back four times and traveled all over the eastern part of the US with it. It is the best roadtrip vehicle ever invented.

    We just started fulltiming at the end of October and used the B the first 6 weeks to get to Texas and buy an A for fulltiming. Six weeks was the longest we had spent in it and I was ready to move up to something bigger but we loved the B so much we decided to go with the smallest A we could reasonably live in and went with a 32 foot. We're happy with that decision but amazed at the number of people that ask us "almost with pity sometimes" why we didn't get something bigger. I can't stand bigger rigs-that doesn't feel like freedom to me. If I were a single fulltimer, I definitely think I'd be in a B.

    Sorry, I wrote so much and kind of rambled. I could talk for HOURS about the joys of a Class B.

  7. Tesaje, If your pondering the decision is similar to mine, the thoughts will change hourly and daily as you live in sticks and bricks.
    Pam, There are singles who do live full time in a B RV. Not sure I am one of them after living 12 years in 200 square feet. If that was my only choice, I would make it happen. Any decision to do anything is being put off until arrival on Front Range Colorado in late May 2013.


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