Sunday, May 27, 2012

Traveling Commune

It all started with Mobile Kodger's invite to a community caravan. Soon Boonie found himself with that community of roving RV campers. Many predicted he wouldn't last. That included me. Mark from the Box Canyon posted his thoughts of the travelers in Cocooned.

Following the initial posts, there were subsequent posts. Numerous comments appeared from all points of view on the subject of community, caravans, boon docking, introversion, needing space, need for social interaction, rooted existence in sticks and bricks, etc.

The original posts -- and comments -- point out a common theme we all share: we are individuals with with our own needs and wants and beliefs of what will make us happy.

I was born an introvert: doing my own thing. I am quite content -- and happy -- to live a life apart from the "rest of the herd". However, there are times that there is a need for social interaction just to re-affirm my part of the human species. A visit to a nearby Starbucks will fill that need -- even if I talk to no one.

However, the Starbucks stores are not located in those remote places of rocky natural beauty in the Southwest US. A loosely connected group of RV travelers is appealing to me. Drop in from time to time. An occasional hiking partner would be great.

Hanging with a group of people chatting thoughts and ideas about different subjects is attractive. Firmly held beliefs can be challenged. I would like it. However, after a couple of sessions, this introvert would have to leave the group to the extroverts who need the company of other people.

Unfortunately, 2012 is not the year for me to make those sporadic visits to the "mobile commune" as they travel NM. My drivers license expires on my upcoming birthday in July. That requires a pilgrimage** to South Dakota to have a mug shot taken for the renewed drivers license. Returning from the far north, I will spend a couple of months on Colorado's Front Range with friends, family, doctor and dentist before returning to the Southwest.

That return to the Southwest may mean travel through New Mexico to meet up with the mobile commune. If not, perhaps 2013 travels might be a better fit. Hoping that the loosely connected RV commune may still exist in 2013. ;-)

** A pilgrimage is not easy. A route must be selected. It is an ordeal with some suffering. There will be the occasional "pot hole" along the way. Travel will be more stressful than usual since I've never been along this chosen route in previous travels. More planning is required -- with alternate plans at the ready. Truly it is a pilgrimage.


  1. Maybe you should establish residency in Texas. It's right in the middle of the country and the requirements are easy to meet. You'll probably spend more in fuel driving to South Dakota than you would re-registering your vehicle and trailer in Texas. I highly recommend the Escapees.

  2. Ben, Ten years ago, the best spread sheet financial decision for me was South Dakota vs. Texas (and Escapees) or any other state. At this point in life, I'm not interested in going through the hassle of changing my address.

    I had considered flying to South Dakota to renew the drivers license. It would have been less expensive. AND no fun. However, a pilgrimage to South Dakota allows me the opportunity to explore areas I had not been to before.


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