Friday, May 11, 2012

Rite Of Passage

Back to Arches National Park at sunset to see Delicate Arch. We were not alone. There was a gallery of photographers with some very expensive equipment. Each was taking photos as the sun dropped to the horizon behind us. With each passing minute, the reds of the rock became more intense. It was a magical time.

The "rite of passage" is to have a photo of yourself standing or seated in the Delicate Arch. Everyone seemed to understand the process. They would move into place for the photo-op as a friend captured the moment. There were couples. There were groups. There were families. All capturing their moment beneath the arch.

Standing beneath the arch, Jim took the photo. Far as I am concerned, the arch stands alone. No co-starring role for me.

Delicate Arch is most unusual in that it stands alone without other rock structures close by. The marvels of aeons of water and wind erosion have created an unparalleled piece of art.

No bucket list in my life, but a rite of passage will do just fine. 

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  1. Beautiful. How did you get the arch by itself? It seemed so popular and surrounded by fans.


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