Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Arches Per Minute

Jim was the leader to Arches National Park. Tom and I were the followers. An area favorite for Jim is the Devil's Garden. It was a great hike with great views, and lots of arches. Three arches are shared in this post.

Landscape Arch

Partition Arch

Double "O" Arch

It's not all about arches. The junipers and pine that make a home in this rock garden also provide photo ops.

As we hiked along (including scary spots for Wandrin Lloyd), I managed to capture over 150 photos. That does slow down the hike a bit.

As we walked along, we were met and passed by other hikers. Appears many of the visitors to the park are on a tight time schedule. Some of them seemed to be running from arch to arch. The observation inspired a comment to Jim and Tom, "More arches per minute".


  1. What are the various explanations for the geological formation of arches?

    Why are they more numerous in southeastern, red rock Utah than in other rocky locations in the West?

  2. How beautiful and intriguing these arches are! I have never seen anything like this. Hiking them must be incredible. Don't forget to watch for the moon tonight WL. The moon will be very close to the earth and larger than normal, should be quite a sight where you are. :D

  3. Boonie, Googled the question without results. Perhaps the arches in the eastern US are covered up with dirt. There are arches in the east and other places around the US per Natural Bridges in the US.

    Helen, Yup. Hoping to capture at least one photo. Whatever, it will be a good experience.

  4. 150 photos? Wow! I thought I was trigger happy :))

  5. one of my favorite parts of the world...we will be going there next fall..Jil

  6. i too am looking forward to visiting the arches in the fall... thanks for sharing

  7. Do you see the pride of lions in your last picture. On the left, lying behind that little green bush?


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