Sunday, May 13, 2012

Made Just A Dent

A dent in what you ask. That would be the number of arches in Arches National Park. There are over 2000 documented arches in the park. Those arches range in size from a three-foot opening to Landscape Arch measuring 306 feet across.

Took lots of hiking to see a few of the 2000 in the park. There are many more outside Arches in the Canyonlands area. Hiking in and out of the park, here are more photos of arches.

Double Arch

Broken Arch

Turret Arch

The Windows

Corona Arch

Corona Arch is located outside the park along the Colorado River on BLM land. As we approached the arch, we saw people atop the arch preparing the rappel. Caught one of the trio making the rappel to the base of the arch.

On the many hikes over these past days, there were many more arches seen. In these hikes, I saw only a small portion of the arches; a small dent in the list of the arches in the Canyonlands area.


  1. You'll need some arch support to see the rest of those arches!

  2. Ben, Great pun. Perhaps you need a sideline avocation to create titles for my blog entries.


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