Sunday, May 20, 2012

In Search Of Electricity

On the road and heading in a northerly direction. Not the railroad, but Utah highway 128 along the Colorado River to Fruita Colorado.

After almost three weeks of hiking every day (thanks to Jim), I am in better shape than the day I arrived. The shorts are looser. That's a good thing. Wonder if I can keep it that way.

However, it was time to move on. With predicted temps in the 90s this coming week, it was time to leave Moab. "Wimp factor" took over. Dry camping without electricity for almost three weeks meant no air conditioning at days end when inside temps get into the low/mid 80s. With more high temps predicted, it was time to hitch up to continue the pilgrimage (north) to South Dakota. The first stop after less than a 100 miles was at Fruita Colorado at the state park -- and electricity. Fruita predictions are for the same 90 degree temps. Looks like I will have to be out for some early hiking.

While in Moab and without electricity from the grid, I used stored solar energy. Plenty of sunshine to recharge the batteries every day. However, my usual habit was staring at the computer (with big screen monitor) far into the evening hours. That had to change to avoid drawing the battery voltage too low. Years ago I was told that these AGM batteries couldn't handle deep cycling like flooded batteries. Don't know if that is fact, so I just manage usage to keep the voltage reading above 12.4 when I quit my evening computer staring.

Found it quite easy to change my evening habits. Less time staring at the computer (without the monitor) and more time reading books or the downloaded eBooks on the iPad. Actually managed to finish two books.

Now with electricity from the grid this evening, I am back to my profligate ways staring at the computer monitor to create this blog entry.

My name is Lloyd and I am addicted to electricity.


  1. I, too, am addicted to electricity, don't think I could boondock in the heat. Great pictures of all of your hikes.

  2. Although it won't run our air conditioner, the Little Honda 2000 keeps our batteries topped off. Did you get rid of your generator?

  3. Your title needs a little work. It just doesn't have the same ring that "In Quest of Fire", the movie, had. (grin)

  4. Mark, The Honda 2000 was sold several years ago. Since the 2000 wouldn't run an air conditioner, a Honda 1000 would have been sufficient for my needs.

    Boonie, Titling posts is tough. It may be the most difficult part of creating a blog entry.

  5. Lloyd...where did you boondock....Jil

  6. Parked on private property through a friend. Without friends, the next option would be Kens Lake. BLM camping with huge spaces. South of downtown Moab. Also lots of BLM along the Colorado River on Hwy 128.

  7. Lloyd: Striking railroad sliced through that rock---I went to the end of it once to see where it went--a phosphate mine. Mobile Kodger

  8. Lloyd: Striking railroad sliced through that rock---I went to the end of it once to see where it went--a phosphate mine. Mobile Kodger


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