Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tucson Festival of Books

Returned to Benson today from the Gilbert Ray Campground. Just ten miles from downtown, the campground sites are surrounded by desert flora -- saguaro, palo verde, creosote. Fauna is present with quail, cactus wren, gila woodpeckers among many others. Gilbert Ray is my favorite place to park when in the Tucson area.

The Tucson Festival of Books was the reason to be in Tucson. The Festival was tents on the mall of the University of Arizona campus. In addition, auditoriums, class rooms and lecture halls were used for the author presentations and workshops.

C-SPAN Book TV was present to do live broadcast of several programs through Saturday and Sunday. The televised presentations were none in which I was interested. So I passed on the opportunity to try to appear on TV.

The Book Festival is not only for adults. There were numerous tents and venues appealing to the younger readers. Between sessions there was eating, visiting booths or watching mall entertainment to occupy the time of young and old. These chess players were intent on their game.

The National Parks were represented on site with several booths including performers relating first person experiences of the west's earliest explorers.

My interest is non-fiction. Specifically adventure travel. The subject of one panel discussion was the Grand Canyon. Four authors related their love and relation to the Grand Canyon. One of those was Craig Childs. I've read all his books except for his most recent -- Finders Keepers - A Tale of Archeological Obsession and Plunder.

Nature is an unforgiving and treats all alike regardless of age, color or belief systems. Craig Childs and others like him explore Nature and live to relate their experiences including some life threatening times. Admiration and respect of that natural world is infused in the writings of those authors. That theme came through at the presentations I attended.

A session titled "Crazy Desert Dudes" included authors relating their experiences of challenging Nature on Nature's terms. More authors and books to place on the list for Southwest adventure reading.

I'm already looking forward to next year's Festival.

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  1. The Book Fair looks great. Sorry I missed it - maybe next year.


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