Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work-Life Balance

Long time readers of my blog and others have frequently been exposed to my thoughts on "balance" in the work place.

Here is Scott Adams' Dilbert cartoon (3/23/2011) on the subject:

It reminded me of a quote from George Carlin. As luck would have it, that quote appeared in the comments for this Dilbert strip. The quote:

"It used to be called 'labor department'. But that was no good because it constantly reminded the people at the top who actually did the work. So they changed it to 'personnel'. That was better but it still reminded the people at the top that their workers were people. So they changed it again to 'human resources', and what do you do with a resource? You exploit it! Naturally. This is yet another example of how the people who wish to control our lives begin by taking control of our language."

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