Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tattoo On Teenager

Spotted the early teen boy with tattoos down both arms to the wrist. There was also a tattoo climbing out of his collar and circling in front of his ear. He was shopping with his mother who had numerous tattoos on both arms, but none on her face.

Could it have been an hours long face paint session for the teenager. Not enough of the usual color for that process. Could it have been a bunch of temporary tattoos that will wash off in a few days. Don't know for sure, but it sure had the look of real tattoos from ten feet away.

Having tattoos is a personal decision and I allow everyone their choices in life. But an early teen! No doubt the parents approved the tattooing. Then there is the cost. It may have been possible dad has the "permanent ink store" and did the work.

With skin aging and sun damage, those crisp lines of those tattoos will blur. Wonder what the young man's thoughts will be ten to fifteen years from now.

I sure hope they were temporary tattoos that will wear away during his spring break.

Years ago in a sushi bar, I noted a most useful implementation of a tattoo. The 30ish server had his entire scalp tattooed to look like hair. Sure beats a spray on to cover that bald spot.

Another practical approach... To avoid the daily makeup routine, there are women who have tattooed eye liner and eye brows. Perhaps even the lipstick.

The world and its people and culture will continue to change and we will adapt to the new look -- including your banker or financial adviser with a tattoo climbing out of his white shirt collar.

No doubt the reader wonders whether I might have a tattoo. How about I leave you wondering.


  1. I don't think I will ever "adapt to the new look". Seems rather pointless to scar up one's body and call it personal expression.


  2. I could see you with a "Wandrin" tattoo... or better yet, "Keep the Balance"

  3. I'll bet the kid's tattoos are real.
    I knew a man who had both his arms tattooed to the elbow when he was younger, and he regretted it. I'll bet there are a lot of people who regret getting the large tattoos.
    I keep saying I'm going to get a small one somewhere, but haven't yet. :)

  4. Mark,
    How about skulls spewing skulls?

    Knowing that I change my mind faster than the weather, it would be a bad idea to put a current thought/belief/love in a tattoo.


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