Saturday, March 5, 2011

How Bad Is It

How bad is the US economy. Pessimist or optimist. How about some facts and figures.

Thanks to Boonie for the URL pointer to My Budget 360. It is a great site with articles and an analysis about the state of the US economy. A couple of recent posts:

Just Wondering...

Did I miss something when I took Econ 101 in college. Need demand for creation of a supply. Appears the politicians and pundits didn't read the same books. There continues to be talk about creating jobs -- i.e. supply. Huh! No financially savvy company will create a supply (with those new jobs) if there is no demand.

Just Wondering.... Again...

How come any Federal budget item that has voters or lobbyists doesn't get cut. You heard it here first: That Federal budget will be in the news for months to come until the Federal legislators finally ignore voters and lobbyists and make everyone (the ones with votes and lobbyists' clients) suffer. That includes recipients of the Federal largess including the Pentagon suppliers, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, etc. As an example: What's wrong with death panels? We are going to die. Get used to it.

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