Friday, December 31, 2010

Ten Years Have Passed

It was ten years ago today (12/31/2000) that I retired from sales and marketing Information Technology (IT) equipment with StorageTek**. I started in Data Processing and 35 years later it was the same business with a different name. Kind of like the horseless carriage to the automobile. The 35 years was a great ride as the industry matured from punched cards and paper tape to optical storage and high density chip technology.

Since that retirement date, the last ten years have gone by rapidly. Lots of photos and words have documented my nomadic exploring of the country. (Most of that drivel can be found via the "archives" URL in the side panel.) In those ten years, I have not come close to exploring the country. It might take 20 life times -- or more -- to accomplish that. In the meantime, I will live this life -- every day.

And NO. I don't miss working. Even if I wanted to work, I certainly couldn't qualify for a position in IT. My qualifications may be more appropriate to greet customers at Wal-Mart.

**StorageTek no longer exists after being purchased by Sun. Sun in turn was purchased by Oracle. The StorageTek headquarters buildings no longer exist in Louisville Colorado. Those buildings have been razed by ConocoPhillips with plans to build a "technology and learning center" on the 432 acres that once was StorageTek.

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  1. I enjoyed your reminiscing, Wandrin. I also retired 10 years ago and it reminded me of how things have changed where I worked as well. Really couldn't walk in anymore and do the job.
    But, like you, very glad. Glad to have been there; glad to not be there now.
    Seems like an appropriate thought on New Year's Day.
    You make an important point. Even thou you have been awanderin for 10years, you just can't see it all nor do it all.
    Just living one's life, just for today, no worry for all the yesterdays nor for tomorrow, ah..........
    Happy 2011 to All!


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