Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back Home

Back home last night and sleeping in my own bed with my own pillow was a pleasure.

Staying at Vanita and Gabe's house was great. The time was spent chatting, taking Freebie to the park to play Frisbee catch, and dining at some great restaurants. An outstanding seafood restaurant was one. A real Chinese restaurant where we were the only non-Chinese.

Been seven years since my last visit to a theater to see a movie. Vanita and Gabe wondered if I would like to join them for a movie. Since I had just read about the remake of "True Grit", I wondered if that would work for them. Agreed. Great movie. My rating was five stars. However, I am biased to western cowboy mythology.

The movie watching experience can be trying. Before the movie started there was fifteen minutes of commercials and a half dozen preview trailers. No cell phones rang during the movie, but that person digging into the bag of popcorn two rows back was something that doesn't happen when watching at home.

All good things must come to an end. Hugs all around -- including Freebie and Faedra -- I returned to the Wandrin Wagon parked at Palm Springs.

Leaving San Diego before today's predicted rain, I arrived back home yesterday afternoon. And my own bed -- and pillow -- last evening. Next time my pillow will go with me.


  1. I also gave "True Grit" 5+ stars and a thumbs up. I have not been to a movie in many years but I got talked into going to it by my folks and I sure enjoyed it. John Wayne would have been proud.

  2. I only saw the previews but was struck by how well Jeff Bridges imitated John Wayne's characteristic way of moving about. Seems that it was try to recreate John Wayne. As you say, Gumo, a bit of a tribute to him.
    Also struck by what a diverse actor Jeff Bridges is, looking back at his many various roles. So different from how some of the earlier actors were, really the same role over and over again....always the good guy, etc. Seems like Jeff Bridges might go down as one of the greats as well.


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