Sunday, December 19, 2010

Desert Gray Day

Been light rain for most of today. If it clears tomorrow, snow should be visible atop San Jacinto. Good place for snow. Yesterday was just -- gray and overcast instead of the bright blue. Yesterday was also a hiking day and along the Henderson trail was a place to rest.

Along my hike, the hummingbirds were a constant buzz in their search for calories. Not sure what this plant is, but I am going to call it a hummingbird bush. Those little red flowers are about two inches long and watching the hummingbird feed is fascinating. At most it is a one second feeding before moving to another blossom.

The bighorn sheep are supposed to be hanging around every trail waiting for hikers to spot them. Not on my hikes. So this statue at the San Jacinto Visitor center will have to substitute for an actual sighting.

Wonder if bighorn sheep have ever been a stand in for Santa Claus' reindeer.

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