Friday, December 10, 2010

Too Much News

Lately, there has been too much news over my morning breakfast. Hearing politicians blather on, I want to ask:
  • After reduced taxes for close to ten years, how come the unemployment rate approaches 10%. Why should it get better in the next two years.
  • Since when did a millionaire become part of the middle class.
  • Really! How many small business owners have a taxable income of a million dollars.
  • Which lobby groups did you talk to this morning... yesterday.
Just wondering:
  • Why lame duck legislative sessions.
  • Will the legislative standoff continue for two more years.
  • Why! 2012 presidential hopefuls are already running polls.
Rather than any more wondering, today is for wandering around the hills of Palm Springs.


  1. Lloyd... you and I think a lot alike. Methinks it may be the top 1% manipulating the "news" and the issues of the day to keep the other 99% divided.

    Divide and conquer...


  2. My goodness, that's just too much cynicism for one post. No wonder you abandoned wondering and went wandering.

    But here's something that would make you feel more optimistic: a broad consensus -- across the usual political divides -- is forming against ethanol subsidies. The consensus is that ethanol subsidies are just boondoggle and pork that is environmentally and economically unjustifiable. Perhaps something sane will actually get done on this. Then you'll have to go back to wondering.

  3. I think it's pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by the news, politics, and everything else the left brains of people want to throw at us.
    It is true that we, the little people, only know what we hear or read and who knows the accuracy of any of it since the vast happenings of the world out there have already been picked over in terms of chosing the topics that will be relayed to us and WHAT is relayed is also subject to the opinions (fears, prejudices, hidden agendas) of the one doing the talking.
    So, yeah, why not wander the hills?

  4. News channels are on 24 hours a day and some of the "star" pundits are talking five to six days a week saying the same thing over and over. Looks a lot like brain washing.


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