Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

A San Diego Christmas Eve was at Lili (Gabe's cousin) and Marcos' house. Relatives filled the home and enjoyed, ceviche, tamales, venison, candies, etc. Surprise, but Santa Claus was the guest of honor. Everyone ended up with a gift. The younger ones were given extras. My gift: Crown Royal. How did Santa know.

With lots of photos throughput the evening, this photo is of the closest members of my San Diego family. Left to right: Pete (the artist, Liz (Pete's wife, Gabe's sister), some ugly guy, Santa Claus, Chilli (Liz and Pete's daughter), Mirta (Gabe's mother), Gabe, and Vanita.

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  1. lovely looking family....looks like you had a great time...jil


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