Sunday, June 6, 2010

Passing Through

... Las Vegas. After I did the laundry and big city shopping, I stayed a few extra days to meet with Donna and Roy for dinner. They were on a road trip heading to California's Sequoia and Yosemite.

Why pass through Las Vegas. Without a bridge, the Grand Canyon happens to be something of a barrier to heading north. The only way around the Grand Canyon is Las Vegas or Page, Arizona.

This year my destination is eastern Oregon. Last year it was the north rim of the Grand Canyon when I passed through Las Vegas. CityCenter (aerial view) was under construction when I passed through last year. This year it is mostly complete. It is the typical Las Vegas in-your-face design, size and construction. With hotel, casino, dining, residences and shopping, it is a self contained village.

 Walking through the shopping area of sculpture and unusual design, I was wondering why I wasn't asked for a net worth statement. It is one of those shopping areas if you ask how much -- you can't afford it.

A high end restaurant (white coated waiters) is inside this sculpture contained within the shopping center.

 Another interior view of the shopping area. With angles and curves. The design and lack of the usual keeps the brain busy. There are few assumptions that the brain can make.

For me, the other attraction is the Bellagio water show. With a water show choreographed to music, it is fantastic entertainment. The bad part was that I heard the same music and water show when I passed through last year.

Yesterday morning it was 83 degrees when I hitched up in Las Vegas at 6:30. The official temperature high for the day was 105 degrees. I wasn't there. I broke my 200 mile rule and drove over 300 miles to find relief from that heat. The temp was 85 degrees when I arrived at Bob Scott NF CG. This is my kind of place.

That is what is called achieving balance.


  1. Are those buildings crooked or is it just me? That whole place is dizzying. Nice CG, I'll have to look that one up.

  2. Yup. Those building were designed and built that way. Check the aerial photo.


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