Sunday, June 27, 2010

CCC Interpretive Site

This CCC Interpretive Site is found on Whidbey Island (near Anacortes, WA) at Deception Pass State Park. Hard back breaking labor with few creature comforts, the Civilian Conservation Corps CCC was a manual labor jobs program of the 1930s.

Most of the results of the CCC labors are located in State and National Parks across the country. Buildings, retaining walls and trails are the most visible results of their labor. This a shelter on the grounds of this Washington State park.

The work of stone masons always produces an eye pleasing artistry through textures, rock placements and colors.

After 70 plus years some of these structures from the 1930s are in need of maintenance. Original wood beams are experiencing decay in one form or another. Nature is a relentless recycler. Because the site is deemed historic, the repairs must wait for studies to determine the proper "historic" materials -- the shingles, the paints, etc. Then there are the previous non-historic maintenance which must be removed and corrected.

In the meantime, Nature continues recycling and the money to do the maintenance has now been consumed by studies. Perhaps a better -- and speedier -- approach might be to use 21st technology and get the job done. The usual signage would include a foot note (if anyone reads it -- or cares) explaining what is original and what recent maintenance had been done for preservation.


  1. So wierd - I just saw that exact same CCC statue today in North Dakota!

  2. Diana, When I saw the statue, I was sure I had seen it before. I suppose it exists at many of the CCC interpretive sites.

  3. I agree, just repair them. Better yet, have people on unemployment fix them up. Then they would be historic in two ways.

  4. There is also one at Letchworth State Park in NY.

    [url=] Link to Photo[/url]


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