Thursday, June 17, 2010

Favorite Color is Blue

Blue skies are even better. There have been a few moments of blue patches in the gray world above where I am parked in the far north western corner of the state of Washington -- across from Vancouver, BC, Canada. No blue spots today and the predictions are for more gray days and possible showers for the next week. Self motivation to explore is tough with 50 degree weather and no sun. The good part -- reading indoors. Been doing a bit of that.

Perhaps a gray day is appropriate considering the latest expenditure. Spent $1000 yesterday to replace Wandrin Wagon's water heater. After six winters of the corrosive waters of Arizona and southern California, the tank started leaking. Fortunately, it wasn't a gusher and I had time to get it repaired on my schedule. The bad part were the blue skies yesterday afternoon when I was at home taking care of Wandrin Wagon's problem.

Weather is always unusual -- no matter where I travel. The locals are saying the weather is unusual. After a mild winter, the spring rains have yet to quit completely. For me with wheels on my home, I can hitch up and start moving south looking for a little more sunshine. The locals are not so fortunate.

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