Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Driving Day

The roads were mostly straight sections today from Winnemucca, Nevada to Burns, Oregon. The highways followed the valleys between hills and mountains. Cattle ranches were scattered along the way and a few irrigated hay fields had been claimed from the usual sage brush.

The drive was pleasant compared to the very short distance on I-80 yesterday. Hate freeways.

In addition to the cattle pasturing in the sage brush, there were deer, antelope, occasional hawks and crows perched atop a power pole. Or in the absence of power poles -- they were perched on fence posts. The wild life was balanced with at least one flattened snake. Soaking up warmth on the highway was a bad decision.

On one straight section of about 70 miles I was passed by three cars and met six. This is my kind of travel.

Soon the satellite radio was turned off and my mind was planning near term 2010 travel; tentative travel plans for years 2011 and 2012; where to settle when done wandering.... No firm decisions were made, but the field of possibilities was narrowed.


  1. "Field of possibilities was narrowed." Hmmm. Wonder what that means.

  2. Portland, bet you a dollar.
    Front range in Colorado, bet you 50 cents.

    San Diego area, bet you 40 cents.

    Verde Valley (for it's tolerable year round climate, hiking and "proximity.") A long shot... but it pays $2.75.

    Where ever and when ever... it will be a sad day for followers of the wandrin guy.

  3. BCB, Verde Valley was an interesting guess.

    Give me a second to crank up the old crystal ball... there we go: I see an interstate; can't tell which one; there's desert plants along it, though.

    Why is the ground shaking? What on earth is that sound? Oh boy, a busy train track.

    Look, there's a thriving downtown: three dollar stores and four discount auto parts stores, a quickie lube, and a Gas City.

    What's this? I can see Wandrin LLoyd, now. He's...sitting at a table, where people are talking... no, arguing. Oh my gawd, he's on the Rules Committee at the Escapee Park in Benson. Help!

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  5. Mark and Boonie,
    Those would be good bets...
    Just because the Wandrin Lloyd stopped doesn't mean the words will end. You guys haven't stopped the words. Actually, it is all your fault that I have these "settling down" thoughts. :-)

    Regarding Benson... Strangely, Benson did not make the cut. That would leave me off the rules committee. :-)

    No worries... Regardless what happens, GrannyJ will be my example -- I will write and share thoughts to the end.

  6. Another one bites the dust! twoscamps

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  8. twoscamps...
    No dust -- yet. Just thoughts... That day is still in the future. However, reality says I can't do this forever. So I will make the "where" decision -- rather than leaving that to my children.


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