Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bridal Wreath Hike

There were several choices for Tucson exploring on Saturday. Considering the recent snowfall, a hike to Bridal Wreath Falls became the destination. The hope was to see more water than the usual dribble that is called a water falls.

A Saturday morning ritual is listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me via satellite radio. At ten I headed out. A late start gave the sun a chance to warm up things a bit. Temps were still cool in the low fifties.

The Speedway trail head is a busy stop on weekends with hikers and the horse trailers resulting in a quarter mile hike just to the trail head. Much of the Douglas Springs Trail is moderately flat with some work out sections with lots of stepping to gain over 1000 feet in elevation to get to the falls.

Long before I was at the falls, I realized the camera was sitting in the truck. Fortunately, I had the iPhone for this very poor photo to show the amount of water.

In  previous visits there was a single stream of water coming over that top resembling the water from a large garden hose. With the amount of water on this visit, there was a pool of water with enough water to create a small stream. In previous visits it was dry land all the way to the falls.

A great web site for hikes in Arizona describes the Bridal Wreath hike as 5.6 miles round trip. However, my GPS has always recorded closer to seven miles for the hike. I'll go with my GPS reading. Perhaps all those off trail meanders add up.

It was a cool day. Required me to wear two of the three layers for the entire hike.

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  1. I also enjoy Wait, Wait.

    My favorite show was when they had Dick Van Dyke on it and he was very entertaining especially when he sand the vocals for his old TV show theme.


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