Saturday, February 9, 2013

A New Neighborhood

The good part about a home on wheels is that you can move when you don't like the neighborhood, the rent is due or the grass is too long.

None of those were factors in my move -- except for the rent part. For me, three months is a long time in one place. Sometimes you just have to move on. Yesterday was that day. 25 miles from Justins Diamond RV on the west across Tucson to the east to Far Horizons RV Resort. This is a resort with many organized activities -- including a hiking club. There is a pool and spa to help relieve the aches of the hike. The laundromat is large -- and the washers use hot water. Laundry was my first "activity" when I arrived at the park.

Good and bad to everything. Life is about balance. Without bad, there would be no good. There are no mountain views from in the park. Spaces are small compared to Justins where the spaces were unusually large.

The good is that shopping is a half mile away. First destination this morning was the Frys grocery. Overhead it was blue skies accented with some clouds. Snow was visible on the Catalinas and the Rincons. Weather changed. Cooled down from yesterday's high of 68. Early afternoon today, the temperatures are struggling to get into the fifties. Yup. It is another long pants day.

Far Horizons is another long term stay. In three months it will be May and time to move north. Looking forward to see the saguaro in bloom before leaving Tucson.

New neighborhood with nearby shopping. Starbucks is a short drive. Close to hiking in Sabino Canyon and Saguaro East. Life is great.

Why was the first stop at Frys... Silver Slug needed a refill of diesel fuel. A more important reason was that Frys had Crown Royal at 50% off. Hard to pass on that.


  1. Sounds nice, even if it is close quarters.

  2. And I was just about to call you and see if you wanted to re-hike a trail in Tucson Mtn. Park!
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. Thanks for reminding me, it was on my mental list to look for a hiking club in the area...I'm not too hopeful, but I've got to give it a try. I'm good on Starbucks, I work two doors down from one and enjoyed a morning bun on Wednesday. Can't wait to see some pics from your hikes!


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