Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just Sharing

After reading Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers about the 10,000 hour rule, I've quoted that rule in several conversations since that read. For me, I wasn't willing to put in the practice to become a good trumpet player. Hated practice. Fortunately, for everyone around me I quit the instrument after two years.

Today's Scott Adams' Dilbert was a great summary of my lack of 10,000 hours on the trumpet.

Feel good video... from Youtube that will warm your cold heart about a boy, his dog and a puddle. With over five million views, it certainly is in the viral category. Sorry to continue the virus. Couldn't help myself.

On eating healthy... Over the past several years I have written on this blog about statins and cholesterol in my diet. No statins. I also eat all the cholesterol laden foods that we have been told we should not eat.

I'm about half way through the book The Great Cholesterol Myth by Bowden and Sinatra. It corroborates all the material that I have found over these past years when I declined to take the statins per the doctor's recommendation to address my high cholesterol numbers.

There are biases in every book and no doubt this book also has some. Regardless, my personal experience (nothing more than anecdotal evidence) was that the bad cholesterol was reduced by 50 points by eliminating grains from my diet. Feel better. Sleep better. Also became fat adapted with rare hunger pangs.

Life is good. Excuse me. Life is Great!


  1. 10,000? If you really want to do something well, I guess it's doable. I had a word processing business and typed on my computer all day for years, I was typing well over 100 wpm. I always thought if I had put that time into practicing the piano, I'd be really, really good.

    Love the cartoon and video! :)

  2. I play clarinet. Now I know why I'm only so so on it! I haven't spent 10,000 hours!! Love the video too.

  3. The ten thousand hour rule is true... only in painting, we say "you need to paint a thousand paintings" to be good. I'm half way there...
    Box Canyon Mark


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