Monday, February 11, 2013

Vintage Ford

After a lunch with Linda and Earl, it was a stop at Ford to find out what birds were making all that noise in the diesel engine. It was a good day to be inside waiting for the latest maintenance to keep (my vintage 2000 Ford F-350 diesel) Silver Slug on the road for a few more miles.

Waiting in the cavernous lobby and showroom and using the free Wi-Fi at Jim Click, there was the chance to ogle over the four Mustangs on the show room floor. Really didn't want one. Did notice that two of those had list prices higher than a diesel truck that would pull my trailer. Certainly must be something special in those Mustangs. Or it might just be a luxury tax for a car that looks nice, sucks a lot of fuel, and is unable to go faster than any other vehicle on the roads of rush hour. Cars can only go so fast on a parking lot.

Also on the floor were a couple of vintage vehicles including a 1941 Ford Pickup. Lots of chrome on that pickup.

Knowing that many of my readers might be called "vintage", no doubt many can also explain the reason for the slot in the center of the grill (red arrow) just above the bumper.

The fix for Silver Slug. It wasn't birds. The parts were a serpentine belt and the belt tensioner. After paying bail for Silver Slug, I headed home. That $500 wasn't bad. There were more expensive days in the summer of 2012. Still hoping for another 100,000 miles on vintage Silver Slug.

Okay. Hoping is one thing. Reality is another. Still a great day -- even though it was cold and rainy in Tucson.


  1. Cold and wet is an understatement for this weather we had today. But may make for some nice snow covered moutains to photograph.

  2. I think I know the purpose of the slot in the grill. It is either an HDMI or a USB port. But considering the age of the vehicle, it is probably just a USB 1.0 port.

    1. Boonie,

      A very creative thought. However, the slot is for a crank for those occasions when the automatic start did not turn over the engine. Most interesting is that there also is a slot in through the radiator to accommodate the crank.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yep. I actually have used such a slot for starting a car. Lack of money and having older vehicles does a lot for your education!


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