Friday, August 24, 2012

Leonardo Visits Denver

Walking on Denver's 16th Street Mall, I found Leonardo sitting outside the the DaVinci Exhibition. Had to get a photo of me along with the genius -- and his most famous work: The Mona Lisa.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius. This traveling exhibit is a creation of the many designs from his journals. In addition to several machines demonstrating the properties of physics, there were several war machines including this chariot with rotating blades.

How about this prototype for the bicycle. Two wheeled design is pretty much the same 500 years later.

Turning to the air, his designs included a helicopter and a human powered machine to flap wings like a bird. Found that to be a bit of a problem, so he designed the glider.

In addition to his machines, the exhibit included some of his paintings enlarged to provide a backdrop for the machines. It was a great and informative hour long visit seeing his designs turned into three dimension machines.


  1. He looks really good for being 500 years old. (I know that was too predictable.) That does really look like an interesting exhibit.

  2. Your header photo of the thunderstorm is spectacular.

  3. Yes, Gumo... now that's a cloudburst!!! and
    Leo hasn't aged a bit :))
    Box Canyon Mark

  4. DaVinci is that unusual combination of artistic and scientific minded both. His drawings for his inventions were mentioned in the book I'm reading right now "Port Mortuary" by Patricia Cornwell.

  5. Just found out there is a Da Vinci exhibit "Machines in Motion" in Appleton starting the end of the month. Thanks for the heads up on the traveling exhibit link!


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